New Retail

In the internet age, the transmission of information is highly transparent and time sensitive. This directly challenges the business model with information opacity in its business value chain

In the internet age, business value chain starts full market-oriented restructuring. Traditional channel and terminal management model experience a subversive change. The business circulation model based on full information transparency and customer experience, has become the main business model. The New Retail model turns to be the most direct manifestation of the reorganization of the business value chain.

Breakingpoint professional consulting team will make full use of internet tools to help traditional enterprises to achieve their new business transformation. Full-channel marketing will be established with full customer experience as the core of the New Retail business model.

Digitized Operation

For traditional enterprises, digital transformation is no longer an option, but the only way out.

The vast majority of enterprises adopting digital management have little revenue on return on the path of digital transformation, due to their random testing lacking of global thinking and unplanned digital initiatives. How to reverse this situation to achieve real innovation income growth and efficiency improvement?

Our professional consulting team will customize the digital strategy according to the business needs of your enterprise. The digital transformation will be implemented and iterated quickly by stages under the guidance of the overall strategy. We make digitalization more suitable to your business model, supply chain, human resource and IT system. You will see the impact of digital operations on the full value chain and the business transformation with client requirements as a core.

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