In the information age, the speed of product or service development and production and the ability to respond to the market are key to the success of an enterprise. To a large extent, these depend on the application of information technology, which plays an extremely important strategic role in supporting the business activities, production, enhancing the flexibility of marketing and production and improving the competitiveness of the organization, which can effectively improve the quality of products and services of the enterprise. It can be said that the modernization of enterprises is mainly reflected by the modernization of information technology.

Breakingpoint's software implementation services focus on helping enterprises solving the business challenges they face through a combination of breakingpoint's consulting planning recommendations. Our IT technical consultants provide a range of consulting and services, including application system implementation, informational management and technical solution support, to match customer needs from information strategy to system establishment.

10 years of industry service experience, 200 + successful project delivery, as an excellent Salesforce  and SAP partner. Our software implementation service ensures that your applications on-line and run steadily, and receive ongoing assistance.

The service of software implementation we offer is based on :



Hybris Marketing

Sales Cloud

Hybris Ecommerce

Service Cloud

Hybris C4C



Community Cloud




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