SAP is the world's largest ERP software company. It is not only widely used among the top 500 enterprises, but also commonly used among 90 % of China's large state-owned and private enterprises. In addition to ERP, SAP also provides CRM, PLM, SCM and a series of business solutions to business management and coordination. These solutions help enterprises improve and standardize business processes, aiming to achieve profitable operations and sustainable growth.

Based on SAP software platform, Breakingpoint provides digital business solutions to meet the enterprises’ specific marketing and business needs and the expectations of future development.

Hybris Marketing Precision marketing platform based on big data analysis

·  Establish a complete customer portrait based on the perception coefficient of the target customer

· Personalized business scenarios, fast search for target customer groups

· Heat analysis of customer's demands and clues

· Developments of customers' loyalty

· Precision marketing model

· Integrating management of emerging and traditional marketing channels

Hybris Ecommerce All-channel integrated marketing platform for products

· In-store shopping guide management system to maximize customer experience

· Sales model based on everyone's marketing

· Integrated warehousing and logistics management

· Multi-level complex channel sales management

Hybri C4C The CRM solution based on SaaS service model

· Consultative selling management model

· Agreement order delivery sales management model

· Multi-team collaborative sales management model

· Unified integrated customer contact platform

· Mobile-based field service management

· Mobile service work order and accessories management

· Complete customer portrait from different dimensionality

DBM Complete solution for automobile dealer industry

· Integrated sales process management of new cars

· Integrated management of maintenance services and accessories

· Sales rebate management model

· Integrated procurement and inventory management model

· Application of standard BOM in automobile and accessories

· Financial integration based on comprehensive business model of automobile dealers

· Financial management, business management data analysis and application separation of group integrated management mode

S4 Efficient enterprise management solution

· Finance and business integration

· Application of fast data analysis based on HANA architecture

HANA High-performance data analysis equipment based on memory computing technology

· Real-time connectivity for all services: simplifying the networks for linking people, devices, and services

· Real-time processing of business processes: the simple and centralized basic tasks with streamlined business processes

· Data model optimization: reduce data footprint and memory calculations without redundant data

· Service and business innovation: predictive analysis from data computing engine leads enterprise active decision-making

BPC Dynamic enterprise resource allocation management model based on PDCA management cycle

· Structure of comprehensive budget management mode for group enterprises

· Decomposition of operation and budget management based on decomposition of annual leading action plan

· Dynamic budget balance and management analysis

· Budget adjustment model based on PDCA management and operation of enterprises

· Analysis of dynamic matching management between budget execution and business achievement

· Analysis on the utilization efficiency of budget and actual operating funds

· Consolidated financial statements of conglomerates

· Consolidated tax and listing statements of conglomerates

· Separation of financial statements and management statements

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