Over the past few years, the real estate industry in China has entered the silver era-the industry profits ended, the overall growth slowed down and the industry concentration increased. Especially since 2015, the continuous introduction of China's macro-control policies has activated an increasingly competitive external market environment.

On the other hand, the real estate industry has gradually shifted from the seller's market to the buyer's market. After experiencing the number win, quality win and brand win, many enterprises have already developed to the stage of winning customer satisfaction at present.

Market Challenges and Opportunities

The arrival of the stock rooms era

China's real estate incremental development is facing the ceiling accompanied by a significant slowdown in growth and continuous industry-concentrated increase. The volume of second-hand housing transactions in major cities in China has fully surpassed the one of new house transactions. Stock market will become the new outlet for innovation in the ecological chain.

The buyer's market challenge

The central government's real estate control policies adhere to the core concept of "the house is used to live". This makes the turning point of housing prices in the first and second tier cities appear for the first time. In the recent three years, the 15 hot spots even stopped rising all-round. The future of real estate is getting closer to the buyer's market.

Establish value-added service model for community

Real estate enterprises under the buyer's market start to pay more attention to space users. They hope they can win the households’ hearts to achieve long-term, diversified and high profitability by building more high-frequency connections with households and meeting their evolving needs. This community O2O model has been attraction attentions from more and more real estate companies.

Leveraging Internet + financial services

Under the "new normal" mode of the property market, real estate developers have seen the direction of transformation - almost every company’s management ream is talking about how to develop "Internet" and finance. Whether it is about marketing changes, product upgrades, or even future strategies for real estate companies, how to embrace the Internet and finance, thus realizing the integration of traditional housing enterprises and Internet finance is a major event of its research.

Our Solution

We help real estate companies take full advantage of Internet tools to build a new customer management model that helps real estate companies transform from traditional real estate selling business to comprehensive life service providers.

1.  To achieve customer life-cycle acquisition capabilities based on the cloud customer data platform.

2.  Standardization of customer service and property management to achieve corporate brand value.

3.  O2O community service model to achieve high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4.  Build external partners and diversified ecommerce channels to achieve diversified business development.

5.  To achieve accurate marketing with customers based on big data analysis of customer behavior information and social information

The Value for Our Client

Based on many years project experience on real estate industry, Breakingpoint breaks down the real estate business into four phases and help real estate business transit from the traditional real estate selling business to integrated life service provider.

Under the guidance of the overall strategy, enterprises will establish a customer-centric ecosystem based on cloud platforms, big data and e-commerce platforms. They will utilize big data-driven customer intelligence management platform and O2O community service model to ultimately achieve the value of full customer life cycle of buying houses, property and customers Integration, community service, business and finance.

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