the Integration of Finance and Business

With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, the traditional financial and business vertical independent management model has been unable to meet the management requirements of modern enterprises. The emergence of modern management software, to a large extent, accelerated the pace of enterprise operation information and enhance the enterprise management efficiency. However, in the process of implementation, the information flow between the various management modules is not smooth; Functions are not connected to each other, and the financial information, business processes and applications are separated from each other, resulting in the inefficiency of the information system.

By combining enterprise resources and restructuring business processes, Breakingpoint professional consulting team integrate customer required process with business and financial management process, to form a " horizontal integration" management mode of financial and business customer management. It helps enterprises eliminate information silos and achieve the full sharing among financial system, business system and customer management system, meanwhile improve their abilities to prevent business risks.

Comprehensive Budget Management

With the increasingly fierce market competition environment, the efficient extent of enterprise management directly determines whether it can occupy a place in the competitive environment. Comprehensive budget management is an important tool for enterprises to evaluate their own operating conditions and improve resource utilization. But in practice, many enterprises’ staff regard budget management as a burden and thus only give a superficial reaction. Budget management finally becomes static financial expense management. The resources flow does not match the overall business operation. Thus, comprehensive budget management is very difficult to play its role.

Our professional consulting team helps enterprises identify problems in overall budget management and give them countermeasures and suggestions to prevent risks. We provide training and maintenance during implementation to help enterprises avoid business risks and improve operation efficiency.

Enterprise Comprehensive Performance Management Model

Effective performance management evaluation system helps enterprises to not only attract and retain talents, but stimulate the integration of enterprises and explore the potentials of human resources. The improvement of the overall performance is an important way for enterprises to obtain competitive advantage.

Our professional consulting team works together with SAP, the world's largest provider of enterprise management and collaborative business solutions. We combine the comprehensive performance management model with your enterprise’s development, enterprise culture, organizational environment, organizational structure and management style. Transparent & automated work processes, standardized performance reviews and a digital HR experience are offered for every employee. It helps enterprises to effectively cultivate talents, improve talents’ autonomy and dedication, thereby improving business results.

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